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An evolution of collaborative operations.

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Seven decades of service, adapting to an ever-changing industry.

Having evolved from its informal origins of three engineers in 1941 to the existing staff today, the Northwest Power Pool (NWPP) Corporation strives to help the NWPP Member organizations achieve maximum benefits of coordinated operations.  The staffing and governance functions of the NWPP were folded into a non-profit corporation in 1999.  During the course of its evolution, the NWPP Corporation has refined its core values to be customer-driven, relationship-based, independent, and operating with great integrity.  From this foundation, the NWPP Corporation provides professional and management services to its participating organizations, as defined by its General Services Agreement, and professional service contracts with individual participants.

The NWPP Membership is a voluntary organization comprised of major generating utilities serving the Northwestern U.S., British Columbia and Alberta. Smaller, principally non-generating utilities in the region participate indirectly through the member system with which they are interconnected.

NWPP activities are largely determined by major committees – the Operating Committee, the PNCA Coordinating Group, the Reserve Sharing Group Committee, and the Transmission Planning Committee.

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