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Northwest PowerPool

An evolution of collaborative operations.

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Board of Directors

  • Hardev Juj

    Hardev Juj

    Chair and Interim President

  • Eric King

    Eric King

  • Peter Blood

    Peter Blood

  • Scott Waples

    Scott Waples

  • Mary Ann Pease

    Mary Ann Pease

  • Bill Drummond

    Bill Drummond

  • Jerry Rust

    Jerry Rust

    Special Assistant to the Chair

    (503) 445-1074

Corporate Officers

  • Sarah Dennison-Leonard

    Sarah Dennison-Leonard

    Corporate Secretary & Legal Counsel

    (503) 659-3079

  • Jim Hamill

    Jim Hamill

    Treasurer/Office Manager

    (503) 445-1077

NWPP Staff

  • Greg Park

    Greg Park

    System Operations Manager

    (503) 445-1089

  • ChaRee DiFabio

    ChaRee DiFabio

    Reserve Sharing Group Committee Manager / Western Frequency Response Sharing Group Committee Manager

    (503) 445-1079

  • Dana Reedy

    Dana Reedy

    Transmission Planning Manager

    (503) 445-1082

  • Gerald (Gary) Keenan

    Gerald (Gary) Keenan

    Principal System Operation Analyst (EE)

    (503) 445-1085

  • Diane Gerspach

    Diane Gerspach

    Coordination Planning Analyst

    (503) 445-1081

  • Harlan Tallman

    Harlan Tallman

    Associate Operations Analyst

    (503) 445-1086

  • David Pennington

    David Pennington

    Curriculum Developer

    (503) 445-1078

  • Keith Schreiner

    Keith Schreiner

    eLearning Producer


  • Chris Sakr

    Chris Sakr


  • Lindsey Streitz

    Lindsey Streitz

    Graphic Designer

Location and Contact

Northwest PowerPool
7505 NE Ambassador Place, Suite R
Portland, Oregon 97220

Fax (503) 445-1070

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Northwest PowerPool
7505 NE Ambassador Place, Suite R
Portland, OR 97220

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