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2018 October

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  Monday 15 October 2018


Real Power Balancing & Reserve Sharing - Virtual Classroom

9:00am - 3:00pm

The Northwest Power Pool will be hosting a 5 hour training session (5CEH's) on Reserve Sharing.

This training is scheduled to be held in the NWPP Conference Rooms located at 7505 NE Ambassador Place, Suite R, Portland, OR 97220.  

The following are the key points of this training. 

*successfully activate NWPP reserve sharing to satisfy the requirements of NERC Reliability Standard BAL-002-2.

*demonstrate the role of system operators during a contingency event and how the RSG program is activated for reserve assistance.

*describe the role of the centralized computer during a reserve sharing event

* describe the relationship between the BA's activation of reserve sharing and the interplay between their EMS *system and the centralized reserve sharing program

*NWPP Reserve Sharing activation results in a dynamic transfer of the sharing of reserve obligaiton  between the requesting Balancing Authority and the delivering Balancing Authority.

This training event will be the second time the Northwest Power Pool utilizes its Virtual Classroom technology.  This means that if you cannot attend the training session in person you can still take the classes via our Source.Training platform and obtain the 5 CEH's remotely from where ever you are.  The class sessions will be streamed in HD and you will have the ability to not just watch the class but interact with the class by asking questions through our virtual classroom technology. 

Because this training is also a virtual classroom the physical attendance will be capped at 20 in person people, so please register early!

9am-12pm: RS Training

12pm-1pm: Lunch

1pm-3pm: RS Training

all times are PST

For any questions related to this training please contact Keith Schreiner via


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