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The Northwest Power Pool Corporation helps regional utilities ensure the reliable operation of the interconnection through a range of roles and functions.

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2018 Executive Search

2018 Executive Search

Interested parties should contact Joyce Gallo, Senior Recruiter, at Mycoff, Fry & Prouse LLC



The President of the Northwest Power Pool corporation (NWPP Corporation) reports to the Board of Directors (Board). The President manages all employees of the NWPP Corporation, including a Treasurer & Office Manager; various managers coordinating primary Northwest Power Pool committee activities such as system operations, reserve sharing, and transmission planning; and a support team of analysts, curriculum planning, graphic design, editorial, and e-learning personnel.


The Northwest Power Pool has continually evolved since the inception of operational coordination among regional utilities in 1941. The NWPP Corporation formed in 1999 to provide contractual support services to the 31 organizations that work together under the Northwest Power Pool Agreement. These entities (which are the customers of the NWPP Corporation, but are referred to as “members” under the Northwest Power Pool Agreement) include utilities, generators, and energy managers. The NWPP Corporation’s services include facilitation and coordination of reserve and frequency response sharing, response strategy, transmission planning, system coordination management, operational training services, and additional services to members and third parties through separate, customized contacts.

The President is responsible for planning and implementing the required services of the organization to meet customer needs and fulfilling the NWPP Corporation’s obligations under the General Services Agreements (GSAs) between the NWPP Corporation and its 31 customer/members. The President is additionally responsible for the general day-to-day affairs of the corporation including financial and budget management, personnel, and organizational management and development.

Candidates are expected to offer a successful track record as a manager who cultivates a healthy and modern work environment in which employees are valued, developed to their potential, and empowered to contribute to the success of the organization in every way possible. Substantive familiarity with a non-profit corporation could be an advantage, as are experience with zero-based budgeting and human resource matters. Intellect, open collaboration, networking capability, political savvy, agility, flexibility, ethics, and integrity are necessities. Experience with regional electric transmission and reliability organizations or associations is desired.

The daily affairs and service offerings of the NWPP Corporation, and the Board’s desire to facilitate solutions to meet the increasing regional and interregional challenges in the West and Northwest, require that candidates offer excellent oral and written communication and relationship management skills. Ideal backgrounds should include planning, cultural/organizational skills, proven business and financial management capabilities, and quality control of service or product offerings in the electric utility industry. Candidates should expect to offer demonstrated facilitative and leadership skills and a natural inclination toward unlocking employees’ potential. Candidates should also offer a desire and tendency to derive career satisfaction from leading collaborative processes and executing resultant solutions to industry challenges. 

Interpersonal skills are of the utmost importance and candidates should expect to offer exemplary networking capability and an established industry presence in the western half of the nation. The Board seeks to attract candidates with experience and credibility in the western and northwest regions, although candidates from outside the region are encouraged to apply. The President is ultimately expected to personally maintain and enhance the NWPP Corporation’s relationships with members’ senior leadership and representative staff. It is also desired that the next President be diligent to expand the NWPP Corporation’s relationships, credibility, and service base with broad regional transmission organizations with an eye toward responsible service expansion strategies that identify additional value for members and non-members. 

Experience working with a board of directors and leading processes to develop a collaborative mission, vision, and strategic plan for an organization are desired. The NWPP Corporation Board has a unique relationship to the organization with oversight responsibility for the President’s performance in execution of the GSAs, policy review and development, contract reviews, monitoring and approving budgeting and general financial and organizational activity, providing influence over strategic direction of the organization, and approval authority for major initiatives as they relate to the organization’s general financial and organizational welfare. The Board does not engage in the affairs of the committees operating under the Northwest Power Pool Agreement beyond the responsibilities stated above.

The NWPP Corporation’s services are provided to its 31 customers at the cost of $3.2 million annually with an estimated annual operational, reserve sharing, and other savings to those customers between $1 billion and $2 billion. Applicants should understand the absolute commitment to continuing the organization’s focus on maintaining high value to the core customer group and conscientious management of customer dollars.

A bachelor’s degree is required and an advanced degree, preferably an MBA, is desired.


The NWPP Corporation is based in Portland, Oregon. Having evolved from its informal origins of three engineers on loan from member utilities in 1941 to the existing staff today, the NWPP Corporation strives to help its customer organizations achieve maximum benefits of coordinated operations. The staffing and governance functions supporting the committees of the Northwest Power Pool Agreement were folded into a non-profit corporation in 1999. During the course of its evolution, the NWPP Corporation has refined its core values to be customer-driven, relationshipbased, independent, and operating with great integrity. From this foundation, the NWPP Corporation provides professional and management services to its participating organizations, as defined by its General Services Agreements, and professional service contracts with individual participants. The Northwest Power Pool Agreement provides for a voluntary association whose membership consists of major generating utilities serving the Northwestern United States, British Columbia, and Alberta. Smaller, principally non-generating utilities in the region participate indirectly through the member system with which they are interconnected. NWPP membership activities are largely determined by major committees – the Operating Committee, the Coordinating Group for the Pacific Northwest Coordination Agreement, the Reserve Sharing Group Committee, and the Transmission Planning Committee.


The NWPP Corporation offers a competitive salary based on candidate qualifications.

The NWPP Corporation offers a full and unique complement of health, dental, and vision benefits and including life insurance, short-term disability, and accidental death and dismemberment insurance at no cost to the employee. Details of the benefits can be provided upon request.

The NWPP Corporation’s retirement program is a valued component of the compensation package and information is available upon request.

If necessary, NWPP will cover appropriate and agreed-to costs of relocating the successful candidate.


April 2 – Preferred resume submittal deadline
April 19 and 20 – Semi-finalist interview round in Portland
May 15 and/or 16 – Finalist interview round in Portland
Late June-July – President begins employment

Resumes preferred in Acrobat (PDF) format.

Joyce Gallow
Senior Recruiter
(800) 525-9082

Scott Fry
Managing Director


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