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The Northwest Power Pool Corporation helps regional utilities ensure the reliable operation of the interconnection through a range of roles and functions.

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Multiple functions.  One purpose.

Northwest Power Pool provides the administration and facilitation of the NWPP Membership organization, comprised of 32 utilities that actively participate in collective reliability planning and operation, with oversight, leadership, and regulation developed by the following entities.

Operating Committee:  The mission of the Northwest Power Pool Operating Committee (OC) is to foster communication and coordination among its members in order to collectively achieve reliable operation of the Northwest Interconnected System in an economic and efficient manner.

Transmission Planning Committee:  The purpose of the Transmission Planning Committee (TPC) is to provide a forum for addressing Northwest electric planning issues and concerns, including a structured interface with outside stakeholders. On July 18, 2003 the TPC voted to broaden its scope of activities to include expansion planning at a broad conceptual level.

Pacific Northwest Coordination Agreement:  The Pacific Northwest Coordination Agreement (PNCA) is a complex arrangement for cooperative operation of the Northwest's major hydroelectric facilities.  Through this arrangement, the region's major generating utilities gain many of the benefits they would realize if the Northwest's hydro system were a single utility managed by a single owner.

Reserve Sharing Group Committee:  As permitted by NERC and WECC standards, Participating Balancing Authorities within the Northwest Power Pool have instituted a Reserve Sharing Program for contingency reserve.  By sharing contingency reserve, participants are entitled to use not only their own "internal" reserve resources, but to call on other participants for assistance if internal reserve does not fully cover a contingency or disturbance. 

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