Conference Call

RAP Resource Adequacy Symposium

0900 to 1300


Conference Call


In 2019, the Northwest Power Pool (NWPP) and its members initiated a cooperative process to enhance the region’s reliability. The NWPP’s Resource Adequacy Program development effort has collaborated over the last year and half to develop solutions to the capacity shortfalls facing the region. In recognition of the work that has been done to date, the NWPP is inviting you to its second Resource Adequacy Symposium on August 3rd.
This event will provide details on the collective efforts of utilities, policymakers, stakeholders, and consumers across the region to address resource adequacy and will include discussions on the most recent adequacy modeling in the region, progress made on the NWPP RA program and will feature a round table of industry leaders who will share their perspectives.
More details and an agenda are forthcoming.