NWPP Corporation Elects Bill Drummond Chairman of the Board of Directors

Sept. 1, 2018, 7:38 p.m. by Frank Afranji
Last modified May 9, 2019, 9:49 a.m.

1 September 27, 2018
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Northwest Power Pool Corporation Elects Bill Drummond, Chairman of the Board of Directors

[PORTLAND, Ore.] – The Northwest Power Pool corporation (NWPP Corporation) announced today its Board of Directors has elected Mr. Bill Drummond as Board Chairman of the nonprofit that helps coordinate electric grid operations for the Northwestern United States and Western Canada. The NWPP Corporation supports the volunteer membership of the Northwest Power Pool, which includes major utilities, generators and energy managers who together work for increased grid efficiency and reliability.

"Bill brings a wealth of regional and executive experience to lead the Board of NWPP Corporation. He has a long history in the Northwest and with the other very talented Power Pool Board members working alongside him, the Corporation will continue to deliver valued services to its customers," said Hardev Juj, the outgoing Chairman of the Board.

“I am honored by the Board’s confidence and look forward to working with the president, Frank Afranji, the staff, and the Power Pool participants. Thanks to Hardev for his leadership and service, particularly during the selection process for our new president. The Power Pool’s future is exceptionally bright and I am excited about working with member participants to bring them additional value.”

About the NWPP Corporation

The NWPP Corporation is based in Portland, Oregon. Having evolved from its informal origins of three engineers on loan from member utilities in 1941 to the existing staff today, the NWPP Corporation strives to help its customer organizations achieve maximum benefits of coordinated operations. The staffing and governance functions supporting the committees of the Northwest Power Pool Agreement were folded into a nonprofit corporation in 1999.

During the course of its evolution, the NWPP Corporation has refined its core values to be customerdriven, relationship-based, independent, and operating with great integrity. From this foundation, the NWPP Corporation provides professional and management services to its participating organizations, as defined by its General Services Agreements, and professional service contracts with individual participants. The Northwest Power Pool Agreement provides for a voluntary association whose membership consists of major generating utilities serving the Northwestern United States, British Columbia, and Alberta. Smaller, principally non-generating utilities in the region participate indirectly through the member system with which they are interconnected.

The Northwest Power Pool provides substantial economic benefits to the region, among many other services, by reducing the contingency reserve requirements of its members by approximately 5,000 MW’s at an estimated savings of a $1 billion a year. Northwest Power Pool membership activities are largely determined by major committees – the Operating Committee, the Coordinating Group for the Pacific Northwest Coordination Agreement, the Reserve Sharing Group Committee, and the Transmission Planning Committee.